At Rozin Technologies, we utilize technology-based security solutions that focus on identifying threats before they occur or while they are evolving. Our technology enables users and organizations to recognize, track, and share potential threats therefore reducing the overall risk to people, places, and critical assets.

Threat Information Protection System

TIPS® (Threat Information Protection System) is a revolutionary proactive security cloud-based platform enabling organizations to accurately predict and act on evolving risks. TIPS is a robust enterprise risk management platform that allows our customers to capture, assess, and share threat information and turn it into an actionable and effective threat assessment and management tool.

Implementing this system will drastically enhance the ability of the organization’s security violence prevention, safety, and security programs to:

  1. Detect and prevent potential external and internal acts of targeted violence by capturing, analyzing, and sharing information on evolving threats, generating alerts, and enabling effective case assessment and management processes.
  2. Assess the potential risk of workplace violence by leveraging industry-validated SPJ tools and assessment protocols.
  3. Support follow-up investigations and case management by providing a centralized, searchable database of past events and relevant entities with potential connections to the investigated case.
  4. Manage organizational risks based on location-specific risk, trend analysis, and threat type.
  5. Provide a centralized platform to report various case types such as security, human resources, safety and maintenance, criminal incidents, medical incidents, trespassing, disorderly conduct, etc.
  6. Reduce organization liability by providing an all-inclusive reporting mechanism that enables effective record-keeping, ensures accountability, allows access to relevant information, and generates relevant alerts.

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Incident Storyboard

Rozin Technologies is a proud partner and representative of Guardian 4D, the developer of Incident Storyboard. Incident Storyboard is an innovative new tool from Guardian 4D that uses cloud-based technology, allowing users to load the video, audio, photos, and other digital assets quickly and easily, creating a digital timeline or Storyboard.  Users can then watch, listen, and understand all dimensions of an incident from multiple viewpoints simultaneously in chronological order.  Transcription makes it easy to search, identify keywords, and jump to specific times on the Storyboard.

Investigators, security managers, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and corporations are all dealing with the mountain of digital assets and evidence involved with incidents today.  Incident Storyboard is a proprietary and patent-pending technology that allows users to see a complete picture quickly and easily.